Friday, April 25, 2008

About Me

I am 23 years old and I am from California. I really enjoy Chicano rap. I have grown up listenting to it and it is a big part of my life. I believe that my Mexican heritage is very important, which is why I relate so much to Chicano rap. I have really enjoyed creating this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it and learning all about Chicano rap.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

mixed tape

Play list:
1) Kid Frost "La Raza"
2) Lil Rob "California"
3)South Park Mexican "Block of Rock"
4) Cypress Hill "Tequila Sunrise"
5) 2mex "The Return of Fernandomania"
6) Delinquent Habits "The Kind"
7) Chingo Bling "Walk Like Cleto"
8) Diamonique feat. Lil Rob, Kid Frost and Scoop Deville "Still 4 The Raza"
9) Big Pun feat. Fat Joe "Twinz"
10) Lil Coner "No Love"
11) Fat Joe & Terror Squad "Lean Back"
12) N2Deep "Back to the Hotel"

For my mixed tape I chose the songs and artists based on the fact that they are all good representatives of Chicano Rap. I felt that it was very important to show the full spectrum of what Chicano Rap is. After listening to all of the songs and looking at the names of the artists and the songs it can be seen that Chicano rappers are proud of their history and culture as they make sure it is represented in their music. The song by Fat Joe does not follow this as much since he is more mainstream, but I felt it was important to include him in order to see the entire picture. I hope you enjoy listenting to the mixed tape as I believe it is an entertaining and educational experience.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chicano Rap Today

Even today Chicano Rap is still not a big part of the mainstream hip-hop culture. Artists such as Fat Joe have brought more attention to the genre thanks to his 2004 hit "Lean Back." This track went to number one on the Billboard charts and made Chicano Rap have a time in the spotlight. Today Fat Joe is one of the main representatives of Chicano Rap. Fat Joe comes from Puerto Rico and has a big presence in the hip-hop industry.

For more information on Fat Joe click here

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Followers of Chicano Rap

Chicano Rap appeals to a wide range of people, however it is most popular on the West coast as this is where it was created. The performers of Chicano Rap are Mexicans as Chicano Rap was created by them. The main purpose of Chicano Rap is to represent the Chicano culture and Aztlan, which is why so many Mexican's follow Chicano Rap. This was very important to Chicano Rap artists when this genre was developed. Unlike mainstream hip-hop, Chicano Rap artists still believe that their culture and background are important, which is why their music is representative of their culture.

The Creators of Chicano Rap- Mellow Man Ace

Mellow Man Ace is also considered to be a creator of Chicano Rap. He was the first Latino artist to have a bilingual single. This was released in 1989, and gave Mellow Man Ace the title of "Godfather of Latin Rap." Even though Mellow Man Ace came about before Kid Frost he is not said to be the founder of Chicano Rap as he is not Mexican. Prior to going solo, Mellow Man Ace was a part of the rap group "Cypress Hill." This was the first group to become popular and have an album certified platinum.

For more information on Mellow Man Ace click here

The Creators of Chicano Rap-Kid Frost

The first artist to be categorized as a Chicano Rap artist was Kid Frost in 1990. During this time the song "La Raza" was released and this bought attention to Chicano Rap and made it known to a general audience.

For more inormation on Kid Frost click here